About Us

Hello! If you would like to know a little bit about our furry family and the decision behind starting this business, keep reading!


2013 is the year we got our first cat, Oliver. We had him for 7 years until we noticed strong allergies in the family including hospitalization 3 times. Our kitty is currently at the grandparents' house living happily in the sunshine, but at the time, we knew we had to rehome Oliver and that's when we got our first poodle, Beau. We were so attached to Oliver that we knew we couldn't go on without a pet. Luckily, adopting a standard poodle was a great decision for the family! They are fashionable, athletic, and so sweet, which was perfect for us! A few months later, we started Beau's first Instagram, which ended up growing to be pretty big. A year later, we decided that we loved Beau so much and wanted another poodle. So, in the summer of 2020, we adopted Lucy. Our dogs kept getting more and more partnerships with big brands and that is when we decided to start our own business. The idea of making accessories for dogs and cats as a small business really appealed to us! 2020 has been a rough year and we knew this business would be a fun distraction. So that leaves us here. We made this business to be dog and cat friendly because we believe that your animals deserve to be happy, comfortable, and fashionable wherever they go. Every bandana is earth kind and we hope that they bring you as much joy and happiness to see your pets wearing them as it brings us to make them.



Bear & Bea Co.